“왜 미안할 일을 계속해요?” 박은빈, 답답한 김민재에 결국 폭발♨ㅣ브람스를 좋아하세요?(brahms)ㅣSBS DRAMA

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12 일 전

박은빈(채송아)은 그동안 김민재(박준영)에게 쌓여있던 감정을 다 이야기한다.
SBS 월화드라마 ‘브람스를 좋아하세요?(brahms)’
☞밤 10시 본방송
#브람스를좋아하세요 #박은빈 #김민재
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해서는 안될말까지 마지막에 참다못해 해버렸으니 ㅠㅠ 송아 너무 힘들듯..
SG 4 일 전
그래서 이드라마가 브람스지 ....
Park Lee Sun
Park Lee Sun 5 일 전
Why does he keep meeting with the other girl
Barbara Cirillo
Barbara Cirillo 5 일 전
Because he owes the family money that bailed out his mother several times so he feels obligated .
해적왕이될거야 6 일 전
준영이는 그래도 정경이한테 다시는 보지 말자고 하는 등 여러 번 선을 그었지만 정경이가 넘 끈질기게 준영이 만나러 오고 무엇보다 송아를 일부로 자극했으니....글고 애초에 정경이 반주는 해주면 안됐어...오랫동안 찬구였기 때문에 쉽게 거절하지 못한 건 알겠지만 일단 여친이 있고 준영이가 정경이를 짝사랑한 기간이 기니까 끝까지 거절했어야 한다....준영이도 불쌍하고 송아도 불쌍하고....그래도 마지막은 꼭 해피엔딩이길 바랍니다 ㅠㅠ
토닥토닥 8 일 전
마음 정리 못 하는 사람에게 끌려다니며 지금 사랑하는 사람에게 상처주는 것ᆢ너무 책임없는 행동이죠.
Myrtle tree Chae
Myrtle tree Chae 8 일 전
답답해 ... 말투가 너무 안단테...andante 야
은재 8 일 전
의심할짓을 하지말아야지...서로 마음에 금갔다 송아도 자기만 힘든줄만 알고,,,준영이도 힘든데...
sh__ know
sh__ know 8 일 전
🎻🎹 무다키, 무다포, 커플코멘터리 등 '다양한 미공개 비하인드'와 '삭제씬'을 원하신다면 감독판 선입금에 참여해주세요. 최소수량 미달성 시, 제작 무산됩니다. 자세한 사항은 다음카페에서 '브람스'를 검색해주세요!!!😊
김태림 8 일 전
울준영오빠는 완전정경언니를 정리한것같은데..송아언니도폭발했구 준영오빠두 폭발하구 서로간의 마음의선을어버렸네요....ㅜ
cookie 8 일 전
연애를 3명이서 한다는 느낌을 받게되면 아무리 믿고 싶어도 믿기 힘들어지죠. 더군다나 지금 송아가 몰릴대로 몰린 상황에서는 믿고 견디고 참는다는 것 자체가 버거울거에요.
미니론 8 일 전
오우 홀리 잉글리시👍
최홍당 8 일 전
저쪽 정리와 이쪽 만남이 맞물려선 안 됐는데.. 마음이 그렇게 선이 그어지는 것도 아니지만.. 둘 모두 너무 그럴 만해서 마음이 아프다!!!
다도 8 일 전
외국댓글들이 더많누..
Aishwarya Obed
Aishwarya Obed 10 일 전
I get it why SA is feeling insecure JY is all confused and struggling all by himself and not sharing anything with anyone but SA also is half responsible cuz she let other people words and thoughts get on her and started doubting herself and JY love for her. At least she should have thought that if the guy was in love with someother girl for 10 years then and now he has given upon on her and is in a relationship with her. SA let those doubts get the better of her
sabeena m
sabeena m 10 일 전
3.35 no response she "savage part"
Harry Kim
Harry Kim 10 일 전
Very frustrating drama, unfortunately, all thanks to lousy writing. Granted the writer is new, but she needs to write better. Hoped to recommend this drama to others, but can’t.
Anti Hero
Anti Hero 10 일 전
The writer has ruined such a cute couple... They didn’t even started the relationship properly and already broke up..?? This wax my favourite drama of 2020... Writer u better give them a proper happy ending or i will curse u to root in hell....
Younee Cho
Younee Cho 8 일 전
I totally agree with you.
Kyung Hwa
Kyung Hwa 11 일 전
고구마씨 발이 달렸나..
leaaahmayyy I.
leaaahmayyy I. 11 일 전
this is so frustrating
Eva Makri
Eva Makri 11 일 전
At this point (and for a while, actually) I have been thinking that SA's happy ending is away from JY. He is not ready to be with anyone.
Michael E. Umoh
Michael E. Umoh 11 일 전
Both of you are really, really annoying. It's 2020 and characters are still acting silly and keeping things to themselves; talking about rubbish like "I don't want her to be concerned". That excuse has never made sense to me. Even here. Well, it's Episode 14 and I'm only watching at this point to see if they can fix anything within two episodes. PS: Jung-gyeong is the actual worst. 😡
Sadaf Hasnain
Sadaf Hasnain 7 일 전
Lmao I love your comment. Seriously!! It’s 2020 and ya girl needs more skinship, more reassurance. I mean he’s like trying his best, but like is not like properly communicating that to her. Like whats the point of hiding stuff. Just be upfront about it. It’s so easy to send a text these days or a phone call, leave a voicemail. Like. There’s just no excuse
Mila Roman
Mila Roman 11 일 전
Ella lo dejó más porque la otra le dio a entender que la música que el tocaba era la que el siempre le mandaba en su cumpleaños, y eso daba entender que el no la había olvidado. Por eso Song Ah se sintió defraudada por el .
Mary-Ann Cayemite
Mary-Ann Cayemite 11 일 전
I was like "yes girl, get mad!" He needs a wake up call. "Your homegirl is all in our relationship and waiting for you to go to her. WAKE UP! Why is she popping up at your house? Why are you still playing that song? Yes I saw everything 👀" 😂😂. But for real it was funny how Song ah knew EVERYTHING 😂😂😂😂😂
galaxyinthesky 11 일 전
뭔놈의 사랑한다면서 그정도도 못믿어주고 쿨하지못하고 인내하지도 못하니? 기다려준다면서?? 송아 캐릭터 점점 별로야. 정경이는 말할것도 없고. 준영이는 문자로라도 해명을 하라고!! 정말 연애초보들.. 흐이구..
Sure L
Sure L 11 일 전
You are too late!!!
Esther Kim
Esther Kim 11 일 전
the translation with the title "sleep on my own" is way off. SBS should hire a better translator. "I don't know why I am nerve-racking by myself" 왜 나혼자 마음 졸이는지 모르겠어요
넛멕 7 일 전
I think they used google translator
V MW 10 일 전
Sajeda kh Ahmad
Sajeda kh Ahmad 11 일 전
“I don’t know why I have to sleep on my own.”
caroline fernandez
caroline fernandez 11 일 전
Communicate stop running circles just be honest. My heart can’t take it. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to be honest with each other. She’s more than understanding with what’s happening. Poor guy is all over the place.
Poorvi Rao
Poorvi Rao 11 일 전
I cant with this . He makes her feel so insulted sometimes but what can he also do . its messed up . but I hope a happy ending.
Andres Deloitte
Andres Deloitte 11 일 전
happy ending is never the best ending
Arti Kumari
Arti Kumari 11 일 전
She pointed out right thing, he still isn't completely over that girl. He gets easily swayed by her
Cami P.
Cami P. 11 일 전
Even if he says 'sorry' multiple times, he still does the opposite 🥺 I would react the same way...
Diana Osazenaye
Diana Osazenaye 11 일 전
It funny he done nothing wrong but does it at in any way
BaEkHyUn'S Last brain cell
BaEkHyUn'S Last brain cell 11 일 전
Are we gonna get happy ending or not😭 This is so messed up
happyMe 10 일 전
I saw some clip for next week Joon Young will play the piano for Song Ah's recital.
Kim MC
Kim MC 11 일 전
I think it could go either way at this point. I'm glad that she stopped where she did.
Diana Osazenaye
Diana Osazenaye 11 일 전
Just trust him !!!
Eva Makri
Eva Makri 11 일 전
Haha actually don't trust people like him!!! They have no idea what they want, and they will most definitely torture you trying to find it. 🥴
Diana Osazenaye
Diana Osazenaye 11 일 전
They both have issues
physics science
physics science 11 일 전
@Caldo de gallina okay thank u
Caldo de gallina
Caldo de gallina 11 일 전
@physics science he keeps avoiding telling her about his problems, that somehow always involve JK, which leads SA to missunderstand and think that he still in love with JK :((
M Hod
M Hod 11 일 전
He always promises one thing but does the other. He is too easily sway by the other girl. She is going thru enough and if he can’t be the constant in her life then she needs to do what’s best for her. If he can’t share with her then how will she be able to open up and lean on him too. Ugh. I want them together but I don’t think they are ready.
Caldo de gallina
Caldo de gallina 11 일 전
Iliana Herrera
Iliana Herrera 11 일 전
Caldo de gallina
Caldo de gallina 11 일 전
@Iliana Herrera They broke up😭😭😭😭
Iliana Herrera
Iliana Herrera 11 일 전
What happened
자고있는데 덮쳤습니다..
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